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The Kickass Millionaire Journey - Power Budgeting

You might think that the Millionaire Journey is all about making tons of money. Well, that will help, but how you manage your money is the most important task that you can do. In fact it is essential, you can not become and stay a millionaire without managing your money. Power Budgeting is your way to manage your money by controlling every dollar you make, spend, tithe, save and invest. It is not a tool for restriction, it is a tool for opportunity!

Grow your money through Budgeting and financial freedom
Take Control of Your Money

Focus on 5 steps to get your money in line with your goals.

  1. Gather all your expenses, including your housing, transportation, insurance, entertainment, loans and miscellaneous items.

  2. Download the Kick-Butt Budget tool.

  3. Determine where are your dollars go by filling in the Kick-Butt Budget. Try to account for all the dollars and expenses.

  4. Refine your budget each month based on how you actually use your money. This is typical and will probably take you three months or so to get it close.

  5. Free-up money to invest towards your Millionaire dreams! Look to cut expenses, make more money, spend more wisely. With these savings, pay down debt and invest more in your nest egg.

Power Words:

Disposable Income: Your income remaining after you pay your taxes.

Discretionary Income: Your money left after all taxes and sustenance (must have living) expenses are paid.

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