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Get started on our first series of courses and your Kickass Millionaire Journey. 

Who is WizBrain?

With over 20 years of combined experience, WizBrain provides both custom course-ware and ready-now e-courses. We have helped businesses overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Working with large and small companies across virtually every industry ranging from technology to retail, from government to insurance, and transportation. Our ready-now courses focus on the individual and the life skills they need to pursue their dreams.

Focusing on the individual is about improving personal performance. WizBrain focuses on the individual through our ready-now e-courses. We focus on success skills. We are steadily building our library of courses to help individuals identify and achieve their dreams. Often the skills needed for life success are not taught in school or even by parents. We aim to fill those gaps so that the individual can create the life they dream of.

Helping companies maximize their human capital and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their business goals is a passion WizBrain continues to pursue. We understand the desire and drive to be successful and to build a business. The people of the company are integral to the company’s growth. WizBrain provides new approaches that help businesses achieve superior results through their people. The old way of doing things just don’t work anymore (or just stops working). Sometimes a fresh look is needed to achieve staggering business success!

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Why Our Courses Will Change Your Life

At WizBrain we are passionate about learning, YOUR learning. We believe that when you want to succeed, all you need is the skills and knowledge. That is where we come in. We are building our library of success skills starting with the Kickass Millionaire Journey. This series of courses helps you get started on your personal Kickass Millionaire Journey. No reason not to start NOW!

How Does It Work?

Choose a Course
Visit our school and read about the courses that are currently offered and determine which one meets your most immediate need. We are adding courses often, so go to our school often and see what other courses can improve your skills and lead to your personal success!
You have the opportunity to pre-enroll in a course and receive a discount or enroll in a course that is already available. If you pre-enroll, you will be notified by email when the course is available. If the course is available now, you will be able to get started right away!
Watch it anytime, anywhere!
You can take the course on any device, anywhere you have an internet connection, and at anytime… even 2 am in Thailand or where ever
you may be!
Budget and Finance Coaching
Custom Courses

Our experienced instructional designers use a proven systematic approach to design and develop training to help you meet your business goals.

Self Improvement through budgeting and financial freedom
Ready-to-go Courses

We offer on-demand courses that help you succeed in life.

"Everyone can learn to be successful and fulfill their dreams when they have a lifelong love of learning." 

J. Ann Quadagno

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